Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Flocking Great Birthday

My "little" cousin celebrated her 18th birthday this past week. (Happy Birthday Annie!)

She woke up to quite a site in her front yard. My Aunt had her flocked by the Ascension Youth Group. For a small fee, they will place 50 darling flamingoes in your victims yard. (Removed the following day) 

In keeping with the theme, I pulled out my Cameo and paid 99 cents to buy a flamingo SVG file. This also gave me the chance to use a cool tool that I bought 2 years ago at stamp away but never used. It's a small piece of plastic with various scallops that you can use a sponge to stamp around to make clouds. The background looks super cute. I'll put that on my "I really should make a video and post it" list. My Martha Stewart grass punch was my final touch. 

Inside: Happy Flocking Birthday! 

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