Friday, February 25, 2011

DeNami color challenge-by Lori

Time for another challenge! This time it's a color challenge. Navy Blue, Lime Green, and White. It was a family affair for this 7 year old decided she wanted to enter a card of her own. (See Abby's very own post immediately following this one!)

For "Mommy's card", I went completely out of my comfort zone. It's not often that you see a card posted that doesnt contain a cute kid or darling critter. I bought these stamps at Stamp-A-Way last August and figured they would look really nice with the colors.

To start, I used the Small Solid Filigree around the edges of the card and the Decorative Crest Circle stamp for the center. I used white embossing powder, because that's really the only way to make white images pop!

I used spellbinders dies to cut the various layers (4 layers but the scanned image never shows the dimension) The white layer is embossed using a Stampin Up Sizzix folder for texture.

Last, I used my lime ribbon for a bow...every Lori card must have a bow and then created small loops of ribbon to tuck in between the layers.

Usually when I enter contests, it's because I want to win...but not this time...Go Abby! She worked so hard on her card!

Happy Stamping!

Denami Color Challenge-by Abby!

Denami Stamps color challenge-navy, lime green, and white

Hi! It's me, Abby! For those of you who don't know me, my mom is the one who usually posts on this blog. I'm 7 years old and this is my first submission to a card contest. Of all my mom's stamps, I like to color the Denami ones the best. Especially the chickies because I love to flock them.

I know what you are thinking...I'm only 7, there is no way I did this card but I did! I picked out my stamps then I stamped, colored, and flocked the chickies, and decided on the design of the card. My mom just helped with the embossing so I didnt burn myself and the cutting on the paper cutter so I didnt lose a finger. Everything else was done by me....oh, and the mom is really good at bows.

Hope I win so I can buy more chickie stamps!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Medallion Class

I just can't seem to put these stamps down. I just love them! I love that they have a totally different look when you change the color combinations and alter the layers. The first time I used the stamps, I used just plain black ink. The next time I used silver Zing embossing powder (which was beautiful). This time, I wanted a softer look for Spring so I tried my hand using white embossing powder....looooove it! It is just the look I was hoping for.

I chose the light purple and green because when I think of spring I think of lilacs...can't you just imagine the smell?

I'm really hoping that if we all start crafting spring projects, mother nature will take the hint!

I tried to scan them in, but just like last time, you just can't capture the 3-D or the glitter on a scanner. You have to stop by the store to see them in person. If you would like to learn how to make them, sign up early for my class on Sunday, March 27 @ 1:30 pm. The last 2 Medallion Classes have sold out and I do not make extra kits after my initial prep. I estimate 20-25 spots at $15 and I would bet that they will fill quickly.

All you need for class is a great pair of detail scissors. I HIGHLY recommend a pair of Cutterbees. You will also need crystal stickles and lots of pop dots.

Happy Stamping!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Magic Window Card

Holy Cow!! I saw a picture/video of this card and was "WOWed"! I decided I HAD to learn how to make it. The top picture shows the outside of my card. It starts out like any other gate fold card. (opening up on both sides from the middle.)

That's the inside of the card... but where's the magic? Thank goodness for technology and an iphone adept 7 year old who helped me with the video below! Dont worry, I know you're gonna love it as much as I did so I promise to teach the technique at Simply Scrapbooks very soon!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here comes the bride....

With the Christmas holiday well behind us now and Valentine's Day fast approaching, I would venture to say that we will have at least one wedding to go to in 2011.

It's always nice to have a pretty wedding shower or wedding card in your stash. We spend so much time trying to decide what to wear, the last thing we need to worry about is having to make a card at the last minute.

These two cards are tucked into my stash for such an occasion. I'm back to my Magnolia stamps that I used a few days ago in a blog post. If you are familiar with the stamp line, you've probably noticed something a little different about my images.
Yes, I gave them mouths! I don't know what it is, I just don't like the way they omit the mouths on all of their stamps. It's kinda creepy! So out my black marker comes to make a smile..I mean, aren't you supposed to be happy on your wedding day???
A few divorced friends will probably argue that the "no mouth" idea probably came from an artist whose marriage didn't turn out so blissful...I dunno, but mine HAVE to have them...sorry Magnolia designer.

So grab a pen and give them mouths too!
Happy Stamping!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cut that Crap out!

Wow! Already into February and my resolution to make cards for personal use fizzled before the end of January...kind of like the diet...LOL! But to look at it another way, it's only February and maybe I can jump back on both wagons.

The first thing I need to do is to make a stash of very generic and funny birthday cards to keep on hand like this one. I made this for a card swap last year and kept one as a sample. If I remake it, I think I will layer the striped layer more to give it some more depth. I also might redo the colors with black and hot pink.

As cute as my gal pal is on the front in her eye-popping and somewhat alarming choice of color for her frock, it's the inside stamp that I like the best:

The fact that you are getting older
Reminds me that I am getting older
And that makes me slightly uncomfortable....

So cut that crap out!

Happy Stamping!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pretty Little Lady

Wow, I know you must be down right many days has it been since I posted a Whippersnapper Designs Stamp? I'm breaking out of my comfort zone!

This time, I am stamping with Magnolia Stamps. I have to say that I am quite pleased with how this one turned out. Wish I could take all of the credit, but cant. I wasn't a big fan of the Magnolia stamps when they arrived to Simply. Their packaging is awful. No pictures on the package at all so it's really hard to tell what they will look like. Leave it to one VERY talented lady named Anita who frequents the store to create the most beautiful cards I have ever seen!

So one night, cropping late, I took her card board down and tried to imitate the beautiful shading. I didn't even come close! so if you think mine look good, you can just imagine the talent Anita has!!

My card actually consists of two stamps, the background and the little girl. I popped her out and chalked the sky (a first for me.. I like it!) This stamp would make a beautiful card for a bridal shower or first holy communion.

Happy Stamping!