Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cut that Crap out!

Wow! Already into February and my resolution to make cards for personal use fizzled before the end of January...kind of like the diet...LOL! But to look at it another way, it's only February and maybe I can jump back on both wagons.

The first thing I need to do is to make a stash of very generic and funny birthday cards to keep on hand like this one. I made this for a card swap last year and kept one as a sample. If I remake it, I think I will layer the striped layer more to give it some more depth. I also might redo the colors with black and hot pink.

As cute as my gal pal is on the front in her eye-popping and somewhat alarming choice of color for her frock, it's the inside stamp that I like the best:

The fact that you are getting older
Reminds me that I am getting older
And that makes me slightly uncomfortable....

So cut that crap out!

Happy Stamping!!

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  1. Cute, I make a stash too, and it sure does come in handy! This is too cute!