Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gift Cards Galore

My coworker was getting married so our office decided to go with a group gift that consisted of a bunch of gift cards. I hate handing someone an envelope as a gift, even if the card inside is handmade. It still seems so impersonal. I didnt know exactly what I would come up with but offered to find a more creative way to present our gift.

I thought a "tree" of some sort would work. I originaly thought of finding some branches and securing it in a pot of some kind. On the morning of the shower/picnic, I hadnt started working on anything and panic was setting in. I hopped in the car and headed out to the local craft stores. etc. I decided to go into Pier 1 and see what they had to offer. On the easter clearance table, I saw this sparkly little tree and decided I would work around it's mint green color. Wish it was black or white, but I din't have the time to be picky.

It was a couples shower so I opted for 2 different types of gift card holders. I used a monogram stamp set from Just Rite stamps for one set:

For the other set, I punched out 2 2" scalloped circles and ran them through my cuttlebug with a swirly embossing folder for texture. then I folded the sides of the circles back to form a more triangular shape. I placed them tip to tip and overlapped a little, then fished with a small piece of ribbon and a punched flower with a pearl center.

I finished my gift card tree with a mere 30 minutes to spare by tying the gift card holders onto the tree with ribbons.

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