Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glass Pebble Magnets

Abby and I decided to get crafty tonight for our traditional Friday night "Girl's night" while Daddy golfs. Sometimes we go out to dinner and a movie with another mother/daughter team but tonight we stayed home and headed to the craft room.

She had received several craft kits for her birthday and we decided to open one up that makes glass gem magnets. The kit called for the glass gems to be painted but we thought stamped images would make much cuter magnets.

I remembered seeing a card made with Denami stamps and the glass pebbles on someone's blog a while back.

We gathered additional supplies:
Denami stamps
Scallop punches
Circle punches
Glass gems
magnet strips

Abby is always eager to play with my Copic Markers and loves how tiny and detailed the Denami stamps are. She even practiced the "flicking technique" to blend colors on a scrap paper tonight. She really wanted a multi colored surfboard on one stamp.

She did a really nice job coloring
picking papers to match her backgounds.

The assembly:
We used adhesive tape to attach the paper layers together.
Then we used a Tombow glue stick to attach a small piece of chip board to the back to add some stability.
To attach the pebble, I placed a small amount of diamond glaze to the flat side and placed it on top of the colored stamped image.


  1. These are fabulous, Lori and Abby! Love seeing these small stamps in a fun, creative way!

  2. Wow! What a FABULOUS idea!!!
    Sooo CooL! :)