Monday, April 4, 2011

More Medallions

I just cant help myself! I will go a few months without picking up these stamps and then I will go crazy making them in every color combination imaginable. I knew way back at Christmas that I wanted to teach another class in the spring using purples. I held that class a week ago and it went great. After the class, I decided to make a few completed ones for the store just in case people likes them but didn't want to spend the time making them. And TIME they do take! Trust me, my "make a few" became 18 cross cards and 12 of the flower medallions. I spent the greater part of my week and weekend stamping, embossing, and cutting...and cutting....and cutting! I made 12 purple crosses and 6 of the flowers. Thinking that I was done, I decided to design my next class with the citrus colors. So I went to the store with my daughter Abby to pick the colors. I guess I didn't explain what I was looking for but Abby picked up two teals that were just beautiful. I immediately thought of making more medallions and picked up a peach for contrast. After I made these two, I almost abandoned the citrus altogether. I ended up making more completed ones in these colors for the store. The pearls looked amazing so I abandoned the rhinestones this time but used a bunch of the iridescent glitter. The quicky glue pen makes adding the accents so precise. I ordered 3 more stamps on Friday and planned on using purples and pinks but I just may use the teal and peach again. One of my new stamps is a butterfly! I can't wait to use it!


  1. Who makes these stamps? I am thinking Holly Berry or maybe Outlines? Would love to know!

  2. I think I just answered my own question by scrolling down to your next post. The answer is Holly Berry! Thanks!