Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here we go Steelers!

Here We Go Steelers! Here We Go!

It's AFC Championship Sunday and my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Jets. Game time isn't til 6:30 so that gave me plenty of time to be crafty today. I made a Black-n-Gold Birthday card to honor one of Pittsburgh's most beloved sportscaster, Myron Cope. Myron would have been 82 today. Not familiar with the raspy voiced Myron? He *invented* the Terrible Towel back in the 70s. His bosses asked him to come up with a gimmick for a Steeler game to rally the fans. He asked everyone to being a yellow tea towel to the game. Before the game began, not one towel could be seen in the stands..THEN, the Steeler came out of the tunnel and yellow towels blanketed the stands...and the Terrible Towel was born!

So Happy Birthday Myron....we miss you!

Now onto a little family rivalry...My dear Uncle Joey is a Jets fan so even though we live in godforsaken Bengals Country, we're having a playoff party at his house. So I, being in charge of the desserts, am taking him one lonely little cupcake. But as for the rest of us, I found a black n gold cookie cake and had them write "Happy Birthday Myron" on it.

In addition to my little pick, I made him an "Official Stick a Fork in em Fork". A few years back, the Jets were ahead near the end of a game and Joe declared " Stick a Fork in em! They're done!"...the other team came back and beat the Jets!! So I'm praying the Curse of the Fork lives on!I made this so I can jam it into his cupcake at the end of the game (not before the end in case the curse is transferable!)

Here We Go Steelers! Here We Go!

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