Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Wuf You

I'm skipping backwards a bit by posting this Valentine. It is actually the one I made for Steve last year. I must have tucked it away in my card box sometime. I still have the stamps and must say, the layout is a little boring. But it was a quick little Valentine that did the trick.

I made Abby a matching one from the same Inky Antics set. I blinged her's up a little bit more (not sure if it shows in the picture though.

I am kind of surprised I am even focusing on Valentine's would think my blog would be covered in black n gold until Super Bowl Sunday. Don't count it out, I just might slip in one more Steeler card. I have also been designing few more Twilight ones and started to color Easter ones. Maybe if I start crafting spring projects it will arrive sooner!

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