Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Bra Facelift

If I went Braless, I could pull all of the wrinkles out of my face!

Oh Stella, how I love thee! You just tell it like it is...
I love this card for that great birthday dig or just a card you can send to a friend for no reason at all. How funny would it be to add "Have a Droopy Boobday" inside a birthday card.

Now lets get to the card making...Stella's hair was first colored with bright yellow Copic and shaded with orange. Still not bright enough, I added bright orange stickles to make it sparkle too.

What would a boob card be without adding a little oompf to the ta-tas? My dear friend Dolly taught me how to pop out the well endowed Stella. Take a peace of fun foam that you can find for minimal $ in the craft store...sometimes found in the kiddie craft section. Flip your stamped image upside down on the foam. Since I colored in blue, it is easy to see where I needed to pop her out. I took my stylus and pushed gently in a circular motion to push the paper out. When you flip the paper back over her ta-tas are popped out. I love the added dimension.

This raised paper also works great on animal noses and little round bellies.
Happy Stamping!

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