Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thanks coach! We had a ball!

Another Season of basketball has come to an end. Of course hubby came to me and asked me to make 3 thank you cards for our coaches. I believe his exact words were "I need three SIMPLE thank you cards. They dont need to be all elaborate or anything"....after 10 years of marriage, you would think that he would get me. "SIMPLE" isn't really my thing. You want SIMPLE and boring to go Hallmark. I like cute...and cute takes time...and STICKLES.

I found my sweet basketball girl on the Bugaboo digital site and like the other Magnolia stamps...they dont have mouths! UGGH! I added a mouth again. I just can't help myself! I did all of the coloring with Copics to match the team colors. No Gamsol today. She has 3 male coaches but I still had to sparkle something so I stickled the hair bow and the shirts. I also used a thick layer of glossy accents on the basketball too.

Ever make a card and put it all together and then start with the "I shoulda's". Yes, I had one of those moments on this card. I shoulda put a dark blue border around the basketball textured paper. Something just looks off to me, like it's not finished or something. I'll remember that the next time I make this card. I'm also gonna give an uggh to my scanner. It doesn't pick up my shading at all. My little girl looks all washed out, but in person she is colored and shaded quite nicely.

I'm sure the coaches wives and daughters will like them much more than the coach. Men! Wonder if any will end up in a scrapbook next to the team picture. Oh to dream....

Happy Stamping!

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