Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top O' the morning to ya

Oh Fluffles! How I have missed you! I am so sorry that I have kept you tucked away inside a stamping folder for so chubby, fluffy, little cutie!
I forgot I had this Fluffles stamp by Stampendous until I started looking through all my binders searching for St. Patty's Day stamps.

He was one of the first stamps that I used when I first got the bug. I played with different colored flock before deciding on a pale gray for his fur. He's so fuzzy! Wish you could feel him right through the computer screen.

I'm not really a cat lover...ask my family! I had a bad run in, actually several with my sister's psycho one! RIP Ruger! But I do love this fat kitty stamp.

Maybe he'll bring you some luck!
Happy Stamping!

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