Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Baby!

What's a card stash without a baby card tucked away? Even though you probably had at least 7 1/2-8 mos notice that the little bundle of joy was on his or her way, you still never have a card for the shower or the "Congrats Mommy & Daddy" when you need one. I think the gremlins that steal one of your socks from the dryer also must steal from my card stash. Its like I KNOW I HAVE to have a baby card in here somewhere!

So now, you are my witness...I made a baby card...I put it inmy stash, so when I need one and it comes up missing...GREMLINS~!

I actually bought seberal bear baby stamps from Whippersnapper about a year ago with full intentions of teaching a copics class with them...never happened. So now I ahve 3 of them colored and one finally made it to an actual card. I'm not sure what posessed me to use such bright colors when I colored it...that's probbaly whay she never made it to a card. Couldnt find any paper to match.

But finally, the bright colors of Doodlebug papers appeared and forced me to make the crazy colored card. I guess you might be able to use it for other occasions for a litle girl other than just a baby card. Maybe even Easter since she's holding a bunny. I'm sure I'll find some use for it!

Happy Stamping!

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