Friday, September 21, 2012

A Day with Cricut Vinyl

I've had my cricut for years now and really have gotten away from using it very much on my cards since I've been so into stamping. Its been just sitting lonely in its little case and gathering dust in the corner of my craft room...until...

Ive been sucked into this Pinterest addiction. If you are not pinning, you are missing out on this internet fad that is just as time consuming as facebook but oh the ideas you will find.  I could post for a week on the ins and outs and benefits of using Pinterest...

Let me just say that this idea is not mine, I found it while surfing on the Pinterest site and put my personal twist on it...a la the Steeler colors.

The ones I've seen on Pinterest were actually cake holders but the one I made is a chip n dip tray with a lid. I happened upon them at the Flower Factory ( I bought them out so I'll save you the trip to go and get them).

Its not easy to find the cricut vinyl around the Dayton area and the Oh My Crafts website had many colors out of stock. I was able to find the transfer tape, black and white at JoAnns.  I had to improvise with the yellow and ened up using a sheet of duct tape (yes they sell small sheets of it)

I was a fairly easy project.  My go to YouTube (what can't you find on there) said to set my cricut depth, speed, and housing unit all to 3. I cut the circles and applied like stickers all over the lid. The letters were cut out of black vinyl.

Once you cut the letters, you peel off the excess black around the letters, leaving them on the original backing from the sheet you cut from.  Next you peel the backing from the transfer tape off and lay it on top of your letters.  Press it down using the little popcicle stick it came with and slowly peel the transfer tape up pulling the letters along with it.

The final step is to place the transfer tape onto the lid and repress the letters down with the popcicle stick. Slowly pull off the transfer tape backing so that the vinyl letters stay in place on the lid.

I have seen the cake carriers in Target and Walmart.  You can make them in your favorite team colors and names, initials, "celebrate"'d never lose your container at the potluck again.  You could give them as a gift by themselves or fill them with a homemade dessert.

I even made the bow myself.  Again the instructions were on YouTube but it was in that was fun! Someday I will post a video on how to make them...super easy!

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