Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ain't that Ducky!

This is a little off topic than my usual posts about stamping and paper crafting but I thought I would hop into my time machine and show you what my little 9 year old crafting partner and I have been up to this summer.

It all started when she had to entertain herself for a few hours in the morning because I work the night shift at our local children's hospital 3 nights a week.  She spent some of her time watching youTube videos about crafting items out of duct tape.  She kept asking me to go out and buy her some and we finally took a trip to Walmart. Some $50 laters and loads of different prints and solid colored rolls of duct tape later, we were home trying out our first project.

She watched a video about making a purse and did all of the prep work making the strips needed for weaving. I didnt realize that she chose one of the hardest projects out there for our first one.  An afternoon later (and some bad words and grumbles from me) I finally got the bugger put together!  Not bad for out first project...a Steeler themed mini bag.

Our next projects were on a smaller scale and were much easier...ala YouTube videos and some of my own designing. As with everything, practice makes perfect. We ventured into wallets, flower pens, and wristlets.

We are setting up at the Ascension craft Show on Nov 10th and she plans on selling her creations there along side some of my papercrafts.  She's calling her "company" Its Just Ducky.

Happy Stamping!

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