Thursday, September 27, 2012

Better over the hill than under

I seem to be on a roll with showing off Bugaboo this week, so lets keep the party going. Have you stoped by their awesome site yet?                                 
Did you know that you can place items into your cart at Bugaboo and keep it as your wish list until you are ready to purchase?  The site also sponsors a host of contests each week AND offers a weekly freebie. 

Sign up for their mailing list and be sure to like their facebook page so you dont miss that awesome 50% off sale when they run it.    

Now onto the card for today:  Here we have our little Gus pal reminding some of us that the crest of the hill is fast approaching but puts a positive spin on it by keeping it all in perspective.  "Its better to be over the hill than under it."  Now how often do you need that little "dig" card to sent to a friend.  This is definitely one of my digi stamps that gets lots of use. Hope my sisters dont read my blog because they both have BIG-Oh birthdays next year and they just might see this one in their mailboxes.

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